Sunday, 11 June 2017

The Need For Mist Collectors

Dust and fume at industrial and manufacturing unit is a common issue. However, measures have to be taken to control them as they are subjected to cause serious damage to human health and deteriorate the working conditions of machines. The employees on constant exposure get health issues such as asthma, breathing problems, respiratory issues and cancer too. The Government is also taking strict action against those companies which do not implement safety standards. Thanks to Powertech pollution controls they have come up with an optimum solution of completely eliminating the pollutants and supporting a clean and safe environment to work.In Bangalore

Mist Collector Manufacturers Adopts Bet Process to Eliminate air contamination from workplace

Mist collectors manufactured by the Mist Collector Manufacturers can be installed at the workplace which absorbs the polluted air and filters out the contaminants and releases clean, breathable air back to the surrounding. Mist Collector Manufacturers utilize good quality filters which are highly reliable and also excel in performance even after years of service. It is to be noted that these filters have to be frequently cleaned to ensure its optimum performance. mist collector manufacturers implement electrostatic precipitation methods to eliminate dust.

The purification of air takes place in the two-stage process. The polluted air from the surrounding environment is absorbed through a mechanical component called the mist impinge and passed through the first filter, where large droplets of dust and oil mist are absorbed. In the second stage, small droplets of dust and oil droplets are absorbed. By implementing electrostatic precipitation, the residual mist is removed by using electric charge which ionizes tiny droplets. The ionized tiny droplets get enticed to the filter and only clean air is released into the environment.

Mist Collector’s Manufacturers provide enhanced products that completely satisfy the requirement of the customer. They are widely used in manufacturing process, aircraft and automobile industries.

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