Friday, 16 September 2016

Technology brings effective ways of controlling mist in the workplace

Some things are inevitable in the manufacturing process, e.g. mist and fumes. Even if everybody knows that they cause harm to humans and machines, it is impossible to avoid them. However, it is very much possible to manage them by using controlling mechanism. Mist Collector is an example of it. The machine attracts mist particles and drains out through the outlet.
You can an expert manufacturer or supplier of mist controlling devices for the best suitable product in your work environment. Since there are numerous products based on different technologies available, you should pick the best stuff. Call today and get suggestions of Powertechpollutioncontrols. It is a reputed company having a rich experience of catering the needs of varied clients. You should send requirement specifications precisely to get the correct advice.

Electrostatic mist collector gets a great accolade
Amongst several types of mist collecting devices, electrostatic devices gain a great popularity nowadays. Are they the best in the niche really? Well, the technology of electrostatic precipitation is in existence for decades. Hence, we can say that it is a time-tested technology which can be relied on. Experts say that these mist collectors are the most efficient one if you compare the throughput.
When the polluted air is sucked by the precipitator, it charges the particles using an ionized field. These charged particles move to a collection cell where two plates with positive and negative charged are affixed. When the charged particles move through the plate, they get attracted to the plate with the opposite charge. Mist particles attracted to the plates form droplets and eventually drip off the collection chamber.
What is the biggest benefit?
Installing an electrostatic mist collector brings the biggest benefit of low maintenance. Also, there is no recurring cost of replacing filters because there are no filters at all. Statistics says that the recurring cost of replacing filter cumulatively exceeds the purchase price of mist collector in a long run.
Some people say that electrostatic collectors are not appropriate for all industrial applications. Certainly, they aren’t, but it is true with every variety of mist collectors. It is the reason; you should take help of seasoned suppliers such as Powertechpollutioncontrols. The experts will study your requirement and suggest what is appropriate for you. When you spend hard-earned money on mist collection system, it is critically important that you get the best benefit out of it.
The smoke and dust generated in the manufacturing process get added to the tiny water particles, and you have mist in the air. Electrostatic precipitators are the best ways to arrest the problem. Install the right device and get the best performance. You have cleaner and better work environment for your employees.

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