Friday, 26 May 2017

The Need For Soldering Fume Extractor

Every process followed in the industrial and manufacturing sector is vital and inevitable to accomplish a task. However, there are few processes that cause series effects on the health of the employees. Some of the tasks such as welding, soldering are very important and cannot be avoided, however, these process involves a lot of heat exchange and dissipation of dust and smoke which causes health disorders in the workforce on constant exposure. To overcome this issue, Powertech pollutions controls has come up with an ultimate solution of eliminating smoke and dust from the workplace. The Soldering Fume Extractors can effectually absorb the pollutants and provide a clean and a safe environment to the employees.

How has soldering fume extractor Increase Company’s growth?

The soldering process involves a lot of heat dissipation which, when on constant exposure cause serious ailments such as asthma, respiratory problem, breathing issues, and cancer too. This has led to regular absenteeism of employees and reduced the productivity level. Due to which the overall growth of the company was affected drastically. The Soldering fume extractor by Powertech Pollution is a boon to the company, it has enhanced the work environment by completely absorbing fumes and eliminate any kind of pollution; thereby maintaining a healthy workplace for the workers.

Soldering fume extractor- Working principle, features, and benefits

The soldering fume extractor by Powertech pollution is fixed with an electrostatic filter and a fan. It has a semi-rigid pipe which is used to suck harmful elements or fumes. The soldering fume extractor is efficient of extracting soldering fumes from a distance of 8-10 inches. It utilizes high-voltage Electrostatic Precipitator type filter which can successively suck particles of the size of a submicron. The fumes from the workplace are sucked through the pipe and passed through two stages of the filtration process.

In the first stage, large droplets are absorbed and in the second stage, small droplets of dust and oil droplets are absorbed. The trapped particles are ionized through electrostatic precipitation process and are held to the aluminum plates fitted to the filter. Only fresh, clean air is released into the work environment. It is to be noted that the aluminum plates need to be cleaned to achieve maximum efficiency and performance for a considerable period of time.

Powertech Pollutions follow a strict quality and manufacturing process to develop the best soldering fume extractor. They ensure that their products undergo a stringent quality check before delivering it to the customers. There are some of the best features of soldering fume extractors, such as.

1.         The soldering fume extractor absorbs 100% fumes generated by Wave soldering.
2.         It has a wall mountable design which helps to increase available space.
3.         The soldering fume extractors are also available as bench top which eases the working process.
4.         It has a portable design which facilitates it to move from one location to another without involving human labor.
5.         The soldering fume extractor has been designed to be placed on the floor.
Such enhanced features by Soldering fume extractors make it more popular to use among customers from various sectors.


  1. There are numerous benefits of utilizing a smoke fume extraction system framework in India those are, production of a spotless and safe workplace at the mechanical or the assembling unit, generally all the dry residue is likewise caught so no establishment of the profluent treatment plant is needed for the treatment of the wastewater, the extractors are anything but difficult to utilize and require no operational support additionally the force necessities are restricted and other than this there are as yet some more.