Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Importance of Mist Collectors in Industries

Industries grant world economy progress as well as pollution. Old technologies used to produce high-end products bring about the massive amount of waste into the environment resulting in air pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution. People began to face the after effects of this unchecked industrialization by experiencing various health problems. Chronic health problems are common in people who are exposed to polluted air. To put an end to this problem, Powertech Pollution Controls came up with mist collectors Which avoids the dust pollution in Working Environment.

Power tech pollution controls – the quick fixer

Power tech pollution controls provide technical environmental control solutions to a wide range of industries. These mist collector manufacturers by putting their best foot forward build solutions to satisfy the exact specifications demanded by the customers. The mist collector manufacturers develop designs to remove mist with ultra-low pressure drops.

The mist collector manufacturers implement two-stage filtration processes. The large oil droplets get absorbed in the first filter. In the second filter, the tiny droplets that were not captured in the first stage are absorbed here. By implementing electrostatic precipitation, the residual mist is removed by using electric charge which ionizes tiny droplets. The ionized tiny droplets get attracted to the filter and only clean air is released into the environment.

Causing pollution is easy, but clearing up is difficult. These mist collector manufacturers strive hard to clear up the pollutants.  Don’t let our future grow up in smoke.

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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Install mist collectors and protect the health of your employees

It is really unfortunate that the employees working in the industrial and manufacturing sector are affected by the industrial dust and pollution. Constant exposure to the industrial pollution leads to serious health disorders in the employees such as asthma, respiratory issues, breathing problems, and sometimes cancer too. It leads to regular absenteeism of employees and reduces productivity thereby affecting the growth and development of the organization. The Government has been constantly pressurizing the industrial sectors to implement safety standard, otherwise, strict action would be taken against them.

Powertech pollution control PVT Ltd has come up with mist collectors which eliminate industrial dust and provides a clean and a safe environment for the employees to work. It is one of the leading mist collector manufacturers in the country.

Mist collectors- working principle and benefits

The mist collectors by the mist collector manufacturers implement a simple working principle. Placed at an appropriate location in the work environment, the polluted air is pulled through a mechanical component called the mist impinge. The polluted air is passed through a two-step filtration process. In the first step, large droplets of oil and dust are collected and in the second step small droplets of dust and oil droplets which escaped in the first step get trapped and only fresh, pure air is pushed back into the work environment.

The employees can now breathe with ease. With the inception of mist collectors by the mist collector manufacturer has helped to improve the productivity level of the employees which has reflected in the company’s growth and development.  The filters used in the mist collectors are made using the best quality materials which excel in performance even after regular use. It is recommended to clean the filter after every use to enhance its performance. The best highlight of the mist collectors provided by the mist collector manufacturers is that the filters do not require a replacement; it works fine for several years. Call Powertech pollutions today and get the best deal on Mist collectors.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Fight Against Industrial Air Pollution Using Enhanced Mist Collectors:

The industries and manufacturing unit are taking strict against air pollution. The government has issued a stringent warning to the companies to implement safety standards. It is vital to adopt measures in critical industrial areas for the well-being of the employees. The employees get affected by serious health issues, such as asthma, breathing problems, respiratory issues, and cancer. It affects the employees’ productivity and increases regular absenteeism. It leads to the downfall in the company’s growth and affects the brand reputation. Therefore, it is essential to install Mist Collectors to overcome the issue. Powertech Pollution control is one of the best mist collector manufacturers in the country.

Powertech supports the best mist collector to reduce pollution at the workplace:

Mist Collector Manufacturers provide mist collectors that completely absorb mist and fume from the surrounding air. It implements a simple mechanism to eliminate impurities from the air. The rotor present in the mist collector rotates to pull the mist and fume towards the center. The centrifugal force allows the tiny dust particles to collide and forms droplets. It collects in the funnel placed at the bottom of the machine. As the centrifugal force is high, the dust particles settle at the bottom and provide clean, breathable air back to the work environment.

Features and benefits provided by mist collector manufacturers:

The mist collector manufacturers ensure to provide mist collector that excels in performance and efficiency. The mist collector operates in low power and hence, the power consumption is relatively low reducing electricity bills. The mist collectors supported by the mist collector manufacturers are lightweight and is quite compact too. It occupies less space increasing the available space. It is easier to relocate and requires minimum effort to install the mist collectors. Powertech pollution controls provide the best sales support and ensure that the business owners gain maximum leverage. Call Powertech today to install mist collectors at your workplace. 

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Sunday, 11 June 2017

How Does Soldering Fume Extractor Promote The Good Industrial Working Environment?

The fumes and dust from the soldering process are inevitable. However, the fumes that get released in the process are suspended in the air. It contains fine dust particles which get settled on the machine once it cools down. This affects the health of the machine and also of the employees who are exposed to them incessantly. Measures have to be taken by the industrial and manufacturing sector to handle fumes released due to soldering process and safeguard the health of employees and machines.Powertech Pollution Controls have manufactured Soldering Fume Extractors which can effectually absorb the fume from the workplace and ensure the wellbeing of the workforce and the equipment.

Soldering Fume Extractor- working principle, features and benefits

Soldering Fume Extractor Manufacturers have designed comprehensive equipment with an electrostatic filter and a fan. The fume from the soldering process is absorbed through a semi-rigid pipe. Then, with the help of a high voltage electrostatic precipitate filter, the soldering fume extractor by the soldering fume extractor manufacturer absorbs submicron sized dust particle. It is to be noted that the dust particles get attracted to the aluminum plates fitted with the filters. The aluminum plates and filters have to be cleaned frequently in order to sustain its efficiency and performance.

Soldering fume extractor by the soldering fume extractor manufacturers can absorb all the fumes produced by wave soldering. There are different types of soldering fume extractor developed by the Soldering Fume Extractor Manufacturer which are crafted according to the convenience of the client.  The soldering fume extractor manufacturers had manufactured a wall-mountable soldering fume extractor which is ideal for a smaller area. It occupies less space and increases available space. A bench top soldering fume extractor by the soldering fume extractor manufacturers enables to work with ease. The soldering fume extractor is transportable, cost-effective and convenient and hence makes it more popular in the manufacturing and industrial area.

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The Need For Mist Collectors

Dust and fume at industrial and manufacturing unit is a common issue. However, measures have to be taken to control them as they are subjected to cause serious damage to human health and deteriorate the working conditions of machines. The employees on constant exposure get health issues such as asthma, breathing problems, respiratory issues and cancer too. The Government is also taking strict action against those companies which do not implement safety standards. Thanks to Powertech pollution controls they have come up with an optimum solution of completely eliminating the pollutants and supporting a clean and safe environment to work.In Bangalore

Mist Collector Manufacturers Adopts Bet Process to Eliminate air contamination from workplace

Mist collectors manufactured by the Mist Collector Manufacturers can be installed at the workplace which absorbs the polluted air and filters out the contaminants and releases clean, breathable air back to the surrounding. Mist Collector Manufacturers utilize good quality filters which are highly reliable and also excel in performance even after years of service. It is to be noted that these filters have to be frequently cleaned to ensure its optimum performance. mist collector manufacturers implement electrostatic precipitation methods to eliminate dust.

The purification of air takes place in the two-stage process. The polluted air from the surrounding environment is absorbed through a mechanical component called the mist impinge and passed through the first filter, where large droplets of dust and oil mist are absorbed. In the second stage, small droplets of dust and oil droplets are absorbed. By implementing electrostatic precipitation, the residual mist is removed by using electric charge which ionizes tiny droplets. The ionized tiny droplets get enticed to the filter and only clean air is released into the environment.

Mist Collector’s Manufacturers provide enhanced products that completely satisfy the requirement of the customer. They are widely used in manufacturing process, aircraft and automobile industries.

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