Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Importance of Mist Collectors in Industries

Industries grant world economy progress as well as pollution. Old technologies used to produce high-end products bring about the massive amount of waste into the environment resulting in air pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution. People began to face the after effects of this unchecked industrialization by experiencing various health problems. Chronic health problems are common in people who are exposed to polluted air. To put an end to this problem, Powertech Pollution Controls came up with mist collectors Which avoids the dust pollution in Working Environment.

Power tech pollution controls – the quick fixer

Power tech pollution controls provide technical environmental control solutions to a wide range of industries. These mist collector manufacturers by putting their best foot forward build solutions to satisfy the exact specifications demanded by the customers. The mist collector manufacturers develop designs to remove mist with ultra-low pressure drops.

The mist collector manufacturers implement two-stage filtration processes. The large oil droplets get absorbed in the first filter. In the second filter, the tiny droplets that were not captured in the first stage are absorbed here. By implementing electrostatic precipitation, the residual mist is removed by using electric charge which ionizes tiny droplets. The ionized tiny droplets get attracted to the filter and only clean air is released into the environment.

Causing pollution is easy, but clearing up is difficult. These mist collector manufacturers strive hard to clear up the pollutants.  Don’t let our future grow up in smoke.

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