Monday, 12 January 2015

The soldering fume extractor is used to eliminate fumes from a specific area completely

As a result of the production of heavy air coolant in the atmosphere at the manufacturing unit by the heavy machines, there becomes a necessary application of an extractor to remove the harmful gases produced by the manufacturing equipments in the unit or the area of work. These harmful gases or the fume cause dangerous health hazards like chronic respiratory issues such as breathing problem, damages in the respiratory organ or the lung and skin diseases such as irritation, rashes, fungal formation etc.. It is not only for the people working around the work place but also to the people living in a confined radius of the industrial plant or the manufacturing unit. The employees working in the manufacturing unit are the most people affected by these harmful fumes, thus affecting the productivity or the performance of the Organization. When inhaled on long term duration they make a damage that is permanently incurable. To have a safe work environment, we at Powertech Pollution Control Pvt Ltd have developed a device called soldering fume Extractor to control the fumes and gases that are harmful.
The device has been developed with an in-depth research and analysis, concentrating of performance and efficiency, space consumption and easy operation. The Soldering Fume Extractor works based on the method of Electrostatic Filtration. It is designed to remove particles of gases and fumes that are airborne. Developed on the latest technology the soldering fume extractor saves a lot of energy from the system.
The Soldering FumeExtractor is designed with a capacity of 250CMH to 800 CMH of suction scale with a length of 750mm portable hand. The fumes and gas particles are sucked from the portable hand and collected in the collection plates, these ionized particles are drained to the accumulation plates that are grounded, from here the cleansed particles of air is pumped back into the atmosphere. The flexibility of the device is high and also adaptive. These features are the most attention seeking for the consumers.

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