Friday, 13 February 2015

Mist Collector Manufacturers in Bangalore

The most efficient and affordable product to control air pollution is the use of Mist Collector in various industries and organizations.  It is used as a multi-purpose device with an ability to collect fumes efficiently and eradicate pollutants from the environment from the space around the confined area. The collector has a working radius for a defined effectiveness. The metal work industries make the best use of this equipment where the fumes and the mist are generated from solder stations, tinning station and numerous other machineries.
The usage application of Mist collector in various industrial sectors is:-

  •   Automotive Industry
  • Rubber Processing Unit
  • Components used in aerospace domain.
  •  Wood Working Process
  • Heavy Engineering Industries

The industrial process require a clean and healthy ambiance for the betterment of the workmen, hence the mist collector is fixed into the inner structure of the machine where the prudence and security of the occupational standards of the industry is met. The operational features of the system are as mentioned below:-
 Designed concisely.
  • Curved vanes for a better and liberal airflow
  • Efficiency at an optimum level
  • Usage of casing technique for maintenance.
  • Filtration capacity is high with the use of drums and the gapping between the cases.
  • Operates with less or no noise from the device.
  • Energy saving.
  •  Emitting a 99% of the pure filtrated air to the atmosphere
  • Easy integration and automatic removal of mist.
  • Increases the productivity.
  • Easy installation and reinstallation.
The electro static function of the system enables the centrifugal collision effectively and more systematically. Various tests are conducted before the release of the device to the market. The technology implementation into the system is advanced and its cost effectiveness draws the customer to utilize and deploy the mist collector in their vicinity.

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