Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Fight Against Industrial Air Pollution Using Enhanced Mist Collectors:

The industries and manufacturing unit are taking strict against air pollution. The government has issued a stringent warning to the companies to implement safety standards. It is vital to adopt measures in critical industrial areas for the well-being of the employees. The employees get affected by serious health issues, such as asthma, breathing problems, respiratory issues, and cancer. It affects the employees’ productivity and increases regular absenteeism. It leads to the downfall in the company’s growth and affects the brand reputation. Therefore, it is essential to install Mist Collectors to overcome the issue. Powertech Pollution control is one of the best mist collector manufacturers in the country.

Powertech supports the best mist collector to reduce pollution at the workplace:

Mist Collector Manufacturers provide mist collectors that completely absorb mist and fume from the surrounding air. It implements a simple mechanism to eliminate impurities from the air. The rotor present in the mist collector rotates to pull the mist and fume towards the center. The centrifugal force allows the tiny dust particles to collide and forms droplets. It collects in the funnel placed at the bottom of the machine. As the centrifugal force is high, the dust particles settle at the bottom and provide clean, breathable air back to the work environment.

Features and benefits provided by mist collector manufacturers:

The mist collector manufacturers ensure to provide mist collector that excels in performance and efficiency. The mist collector operates in low power and hence, the power consumption is relatively low reducing electricity bills. The mist collectors supported by the mist collector manufacturers are lightweight and is quite compact too. It occupies less space increasing the available space. It is easier to relocate and requires minimum effort to install the mist collectors. Powertech pollution controls provide the best sales support and ensure that the business owners gain maximum leverage. Call Powertech today to install mist collectors at your workplace. 

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