Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The need of Mist collector systems

Dust, smokes, fumes; contamination is what scares us when we think of industrial areas. If that is the case, what about the employees who work there for long hours in such highly, polluted areas? Of course it is a hard truth that industrial and manufacturing unit emit a lot of pollution in the process, which is inevitable and unavoidable, however, measures can be taken to control their spread in the environment and save the employees from the death of diseases which they get affected due to constant exposure to pollution.

The Government has been very strict and imposed rules and regulations to be followed by the industries to provide a safe and healthy workplace to the employees. A serious action would be taken against those who do not adhere to the rules imposed by the Government. Therefore, Industries have been taking serious measures to provide a healthy environment to the workforce. The pollution also affects the machinery installed in the industries and reduces its level of performance and efficiency.

Mist Collectors Manufactures- an eco-friendly and an effective mist collector system

The Powertech pollution controls have come up with an optimum solution of providing mist collectors which can effectively absorb oil or coolant mist from metalworking fluids and provides a clean environment for the workers and the machine. The Mist collector manufacturers provide mist collectors with good quality filters that can absorb dust and contamination in two-step filtration process. In the first step, the large droplets of oil and water vapor are absorbed and in the second step, the small droplets that were not absorbed in the first steps get attracted to the filter. The Mist collector manufacturers adopt electrostatic filtration process, in which case, the droplets that were trapped in the filter get ionised and is drained through the drain pipe. Only fresh and clean air is let out into the surrounding. The Mist collector manufacturers by adopting this unique technology have successfully eliminated dust and contamination from the surrounding area and have provided breathable, fresh, clean air to the employees.

Benefits of mist collector systems

The Mist collector manufacturers flaunt of umpteen benefits rendered through mist collector systems. Some of them are:

o   The mist collector system provided by Mist collector manufacturers requires no workshop maintenance, which means, that mist collector system has helped to remove the dust and oil from settling on the floor and provides a clean, and safe floor to move, thereby reducing the effort taken to clean the  nasty floors which become slippery because of oil and dust accumulation.

o   The mist collector system by Mist collector manufacturers are very easy to install and can be installed by anyone from the maintenance team without any issues.

o   The mist collector system by Mist collector manufacturers also helps in reducing the energy cost, this is because the filters used in the oil-based mist collectors adopt an electrostatic technology and it does not consume more energy for its operation

o   The filters used in mist collector systems are highly durable and reliable and the coolants can also be recycled. The materials and supplies are cheaper as compared to other mist collectors and hence the mist collector system by Mist collector manufacturers is the best eco-friendly solution for controlling industrial pollution.

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