Monday, 13 February 2017

The Necessity Of Welding Fume Extractor

In any industrial and manufacturing process, welding is inevitable and cannot be avoided.  It is an essential part of the manufacturing process and cannot be substituted with any other process. Such important process causes fumes and smoke which surrounds the work environment. When the employees get exposed to such harmful contaminants, it becomes difficult to breathe and also cause serious health hazards. That is not all; the machines are also affected due the harmful smoke and fumes. This has definitely become a cause of concern to the industrial and manufacturing sector.

They have been warned by the Government to abide by safety rules; otherwise, they might have to face serious consequences. The Industrial and manufacturing are implementing safety measures to rectify the issues. Powertech Pollution controls, a leading manufacturer of pollution control equipment has come up with an appropriate solution to resolve the issue. The welding fume extractor by Powertech pollution controls is a boon to the industrial and the manufacturing sector which helps in effectively eliminating fume from the work environment and provides a clean and a healthy workplace for the employees.

Welding fume extractor- Features, benefits and advantages

Welding is a process to fabricate the material. It is used to join the metals by heating the surface with an electric beam, lasers etc. This process result is dissipating fumes that make the environment unclean and unhealthy. The contaminated air causes serious health issues to the employees. On constant exposure, the employees may complain of asthma, eye irritation, and respiratory issues. This will lead to regular absenteeism of employees which would affect the productivity level of the company thereby reducing the company’s turnover. So it is very important to install welding fume extractor which ensures to provide a safe workplace for the employees.

When the fumes are released during the welding process, it contains fine particles which get suspended in air and the welding fume extractor captures the fine particles by using electrostatic filtration. It makes use of a two-stage electrostatic filtration, which is considered as the best-known technology for capturing airborne particulates. It has rich-quality filters which do not require replacements. The welding fume extractor is highly cost effective and preserves energy. The welding fume extractor by Powertech pollutions can be customised according to the requirement of the client. It has very high efficiency and performance level. The welding fume extractor can collect 99.9% of fumes and particle and thus enhance the business without any compromises. The welding fume extractor is highly reliable and can capture smallest particles. It can absorb both metallic and non-metallic particles and use filters which are easily manageable and maintainable.
Powertech Pollution controls provide futuristic products that ensure to create a healthy environment which adheres to the international safety standards. They are known for their after sales service and provide enhanced support to the customers for any issues and concerns. This makes Powertech Pollution controls the popular choice among customer to establish a long-standing and enduring relationship to provide service in air pollution control equipment.


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