Thursday, 20 August 2015

Know the classification of mist collectors to buy the best

When you search for a good quality mist collector in the market, there are several variants. However, we can classify them into four broad categories. Each one has some peculiarities that make them suitable for a particular industry.  Though a reputed supplier Powertech can supply any model, users must know about the requirement first. Here are three types of collectors that are most popular.

It is the oldest mechanism for removing (or reducing) dust, mist, and humidity from the work environment. It uses centrifugal technology where filter element rotates and trap the mist particles in a separate area. As several mist particles get accumulated, they form water droplets. These droplets get accumulated to the inner wall and subsequently drained out. As the air becomes fresh and dry, it again goes back in the working environment. Excess oil and water are also reused or disposed off. It is sturdy equipment that works relentlessly without a need for repair or maintenance.
Cartridge mist collector
It is also known as media type filter that is quite effective in the industrial environment. Due to high efficiency, it can filter mist, oil and smoke effectively. A fan or blower sends air to a cartridge media. Media type filters trap the droplets of water and oil. These filters are highly effective in manufacturing units where wet grinding applications are frequently used.  When an industrial unit has a heavy smoke, dust or water droplets, these filters are just perfect. New models have powerful motors and heavy suction capacity. Not only wet grinding, but they are useful in plastic industries, food processing units, and fabrication units.
Electrostatic mist collector
They use high voltage electrical charge to attract small mist particles and convert them into droplets. Experts say that these collectors are highly efficient and effective. Though they need maintenance quite frequently, some units prefer them for great workability.  Especially, petroleum based mist, smoke or impurities get filtered incredibly well using electrostatic mist collectors. Earlier, the cost was an inhibiting factor for installing these collectors. However, the latest models are quite cost-friendly.

Each one has some advantages and some limitations. Users should be clear about the requirement specifications before ordering a mist collection system. Dealers like Powertech offer free consultancy services to the clients while identifying user requirements.  Type of application, the level of mist and water particles, the number of people working in the unit, etc. are some critical aspects to be considered.

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