Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Six qualities that denote you have a state of the art mist collector

Coolant mist affects the work environment badly. Not only it makes the surroundings slippery and dirty, it also affects the new-age CNC machines. They are quite sensitive to humidity. There are stringent operating guidelines about the level of dust and mist in the environment, Hence, installing a good quality mist collection system is mandatory. Powertech brings an array of mist collectors to keep your work environment clean and healthy.  Spending money for an excellent Mist Collector is a long-term investment. There are machine mounted models and duct installed models available.  Choose a model that fits the requirements.

When you search for a Mist Collector in the market, there are plenty of makes and models. How to determine that you got the best one? There are a few characteristics that make it special.
ü  Body: Sturdiness of the body is an important aspect. If it is a fully-welded steel body that supports multiple mounting arrangements, then you have got a good quality product.  Remember, a Stainless Steel unit of 14 gauge and other units of 12 gauges are ideal. Powertech has a diversified range of products with varying specs.
ü  Large access doors: Always keep in mind that bigger doors are always better. You can perform preventive and corrective maintenance without a trouble. If the access doors are narrow and difficult to open, changing filter would be highly cumbersome. Also, check the gaskets and make sure the door is leak-proof. If your Mist Collector has all these qualities, then it is a top-notch product.
ü  Roller-supported filters: Replacement of filters is a troublesome job because you have to handle rotten filters. A good-quality product has roller-supported filters that can be taken out easily without spoiling your hands.  Also, there are is a smart way of knowing proper filter loading in some models. There are differential pressure gauges that tell the status correctly. Some models do not provide them as standard functionality, but can be ordered as a value-added feature by paying a few bucks extra.
ü  A heavy-duty exhaust fan: The exhaust fan shouldn’t make a noise while operating and should provide the required air volumes and air pressure. Whether it is remotely located exhaust fan or an integral fan, you can be rest assured about long-lasting performance if it is a sturdy one.
ü  Design: Always go for a compact, space-saving model. Powertech is a trusted name for good quality Mist collection systems with compact and trendy designs.
ü  Efficiency:  Don’t go by verbal claims. Ask statistical evidence to substantiate the claim. As a thumb rule, 90 to 95 percent droplets of .5-micron size and 99.9 percent droplets of 3-microns should be mandatorily captured by the Mist Collector. The efficiency varies due to external factors like temperature, type of mist, density, etc. If your model passes the acid test, then you have got an excellent product.

You need the best value for money. Hence, go for a world-class Mist Collector from Powertech. Spending money on a substandard, cheap collector is a waste. 

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